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Disability Life Notes: How my Thermomix gets me into the kitchen 

I love cooking (I really do), but I'm just no good at it. Sure, I've cooked in the past and one of my favourite high school subjects was food tech but that didn't mean I could cook. Too many processes can go wrong, and I don’t want to ruin my food or cause an injury. Recently, however, I have been experimenting in the kitchen making delicious home-cooked meals without worry. Some of the meals I have created recently include chilli con carne, salami fettuccine, and massaman beef curry to name a few.  

So how have I gone from relying on a microwave meal delivery service to home-cooked meals? 

I recently got myself a Thermomix and it actually gets me to cook. Not just sweets and slices but I'm creating healthy meals too (and we all know how big a role nutrition plays when it comes to wellbeing). I no longer rely on those microwave meals (or Uber Eats when I’m feeling particularly lazy). Now all I do is throw the ingredients together in the mixing bowl of the Thermomix and then click next and it does most of the job for me! As you reach the next step, the Thermomix guides you through the next step through its inbuilt screen, so you know exactly what to do. The Thermomix even has technical modes (Kneading mode pictured). Some helpful inbuild functions it has included: 

  • Egg boiler 

  • Blender 

  • Rice Cooker 

  • Sous Vide 

  • Slow cooker

It also has a helpful pre-clean mode that does the initial rinse of the mixing bowl for you. 

It has even become part of my social routine with a Thermomix meal being cooked after a weekly home Zumba session between my friends and me. 

The Thermomix has changed my diet, with more veggies going in my meals, and choosing healthier (even some vegetarian) meals to create. I am also becoming more confident in the kitchen as well as learning new techniques to try out in my following meals. 

What products or techniques do you use to make healthy cooking more accessible for you? 

Product is shown/used in this publication:Thermomix® - The World's Smallest, Smartest Kitchen

Disclaimer: The product explained in this article is not a recommendation from CPSN. The product was purchased by the host of this episode and is not sponsored.

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